Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Chocolate rum truffles - for those small gaps left in your stomach

Here’s a present for the New Year - I strongly suggest you use rum or brandy and not Calvados as Hugh suggests. Green and Black’s Cook's chocolate (and their cocoa for sprinkling) is fab for this. The recipe is tweaked but based on River Cottage chocolate brandy truffles - makes about 50 and I doubt you could eat more than two at a sitting.

300g dark chocolate (2 x Green and Black's Cook's choc bars), broken up
200ml double cream
75g icing sugar
50ml dark rum or brandy
2 heaped dessert spoons honey
Pinch of salt
Sifted cocoa, for dusting

Put all the ingredients (except the cocoa) in a heatproof bowl and place over a pan of just-boiled water. Leave to melt, stirring only once or twice. When the truffle mixture is completely melted and blended and thick enough to spoon and not too hot to handle, spoon into petit fours cases on a big tray. You will get drips on your fingers - cook's treat - lick well. Leave to cool, then put the loaded tray into the fridge to chill truffles until firm. Sieve with a bit of cocoa before serving.

Amazing, easy to make, can be done from store ingredients (if you can keep chocolate in store) and gets the best compliments ever. I gave these as presents, making good use of my empty Bravissimo boxes - they take a good number in a single layer, and folks look temporarily aghast that you might have given them lingerie.


lady thinker said...

LOL - I was just wondering what size the sweets are to fit into a bra box! Happy holidays.x

Swearing Mother said...

More calories!

Merry Christmas Mopsa, and here's to a very happy New Year.

Winchester whisperer said...

Belated merry Christmas Mopsa! Hope your building work's coming on well and that you enjoyed those mouth-watering truffles.

KAZ said...

Chocs in an underwear box - now that is bizarre.
Very interesting to see which recipients are pleased and which are disappointed.

paula said...

...and your not fibbing, these are to die for! So very very scrumledicious.

Flowerpot said...

sounds a great idea Mopsa. And I love the idea of putting them in an underwear box!

Mopsa said...

Ha Lady T! Not DD cup size or you'd be in casualty for chocolate poisoning!

SM - time for fewer cals in Jan

WW - the building is quietly wrapped up in tarps and scaffolding for the chaps Christmas break.

Kaz - most eyebrows head skywards before they open the box and then drop down swiftly, with relief!

Paula - any new word for yum is good in my book!

FPot - you don't HAVE to put them in a bra box, but it adds to the general glee.

Mary Alice said...

Oh, now that looks fantastic! I will have to try. Chocolate and a dash of alcohol? Heaven in little ball!

Emma said...

Oh, I like dark chocolate and everything that contains it. Thanks for cool recipe