Tuesday, 4 December 2007


The watery theme continues, just as the weather forecast dictates. But with a twist or perhaps a twitch.
Somewhere amongst all these great works there is a water leak. This is an un-ignorable situation; the cost both monetary (the meter is whizzing round far too fast) and environmental is unacceptable to wallet and principles but where do you start? Even those most familiar with the farm in the last twenty years are baffled by aspects of the water supply and the number and placement of drains, taps and troughs are confusing and sometimes deliberately unhelpful. There are multiple possibilities and hours are spent eliminating options until it's possible to arrive fairly safely at a logical conclusion. It's clear which length of pipe must be leaking, but where exactly does the pipe meander on its route from A to B?
A neighbour renowned for his dowsing skills is called. His rods twitch definitively. Red paint is sprayed along the ground. A pit is dug, and there is the pipe. Sadly, dowsing can't tell us where the leak is, and now Scoopy will be called upon to dig yet another lengthy trench to by-pass and remedy the leak with new bright blue pipe that coils and springs like an overactive serpent.


FrauKlug said...

Dowsing does indeed work, my grandparents hired the local "Water Witcher" as they are called in Pennsylvania to find them a new well.
He came, cut a forked hazelnut switch and proceeded to walk around the property. When he asked me if I'd like to try, I was thrilled. I recall holding the two horns of the y shaped switch in my hands with a gentle grip.The closer I got to the well location(unknown to me) the tip of the switch dipped down strongly. I'll never forget it.
That was where the water was.
Who knows why, but I know it works.
Hope the pipe is fixed swiftly.

rilly super said...

recalling my visits to Devon Mopsa I'm surprised a devon water dowser's stick is ever still for a momment. Good luck with finding the leak. Perhaps you and Gordon Browb can swap notes; I hear he's worried about one too...

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Just popped into read this after you left a message on my blog. Absolutely well written and a fascinating insight into farming life without it being presecroptive or dry in its delivery. I'bve read as much as I can for now but will lint to you so I can read more as this is a great blog.

Mopsa said...

Welcome frauklug; it's a weird phenomenon.

Rilly, I was grieving for you as I traipsed through the rain today. Hope you don't give up. Gordon could do with a sluicing though.

MOB - nice to see you too. I find your blog most enjoyable in a sadistic way. That is, you write about pain brilliantly and hilariously. I hope you feel brilliant and hilarious lots of the time!