Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Love thy neighbour

There is a knock on the door. I think it will be the postman with some recorded deliveries I have to sign for. But no. There is a small smiling man holding out a huge bouquet of seasonal flowers, and they are smiling at me too. I fill my arms with this unexpected treat. "There's a card" says the small smiling man. The card has no signature, but it's clearly from the neighbours whose farm-sitting we are carrying out whilst they holiday en famille in Hawaii. "Thank you so much for making our Christmas possible...forever in your debt".
I am very moved. The small smiling man goes on his way to make more people very happy.


Flowerpot said...

If that isnt festive spirit I don't know what is!

KAZ said...

It must be nice to have a job where everyone is delighted to see you.
Don't suppose it pays much though....serves him right for not coming round here.

Eurodog said...

That's what living in the country is all about.

Mopsa said...

FPot - I know - isn't that lovely of them?

Kaz - exactly - how nice to do a job that makes folks smile. I'm sure he'll pop over and smile at you too soon.

Eurowoof - I know, folks in the urban wilderness wouldn't believe it!

lady thinker said...

How lovley - and well deserved - but nice to be appreciated during the process rather than after the event.
Seasons Greetings to you . x

Paula said...

That must have made you feel all warm and toasty - worth all the frozen water, fingers and toes!

ps I've given up battling with blogger and the login - it still won't recognise me. Any hints, clues?

paula said...

Hey - I made something last!

Mopsa said...

Lady T - happy new year to you too.

Paula - thank goodness for that!