Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A big (barn) day

Yesterday was a big day, barn wise. Although there is much to do still on the cob barn, the main roof is now on and looking gorgeous; reclaimed local rag slate and hip and ridge tiles were used, so there is nothing new or shiny about it - it just looks in good shape for an ancient building.
It makes sense to swap effort to the threshing barn to get its roof on too, and then all the joinery and finishing can take place on both barns knowing that the structures are secured and weatherproof. Finishing sounds posher than it is - external lime render and limewash is the sum total of that; these are barns, not holiday homes.
So it was back to demolition mode again, removing the treacherous stone that sat above the huge rotted beam that originally supported the horse engine in the attached roundhouse, and taking down the areas of failed cob. But new cob blocks also went up, so destruction to construction in one day.


paula said...

now it's my turn to say 'bloody 'ell'! That's moved on a treat since the dark, cold blowingness. It's stunning!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I am sitting here agog at how much energy you have! Well done.

Mopsa said...

Paula - hasn't it just? The roof has taken a month, but it's a work of art.

Welshcakes - I'm not doing the actual building myself!