Monday, 14 April 2008


You learn something new every day. Have you ever heard of a Tyrolean flicker gun? Yes? Well it's a first on me. What with the Bernese Mountain Dogs and tools more familiar with lederhosen than American workwear, this is turning into mini Switzerland; all it needs is edelweiss and cuckoo clocks to complete the cliché.
Splat, splat, splat they've gone all day, coating the external cob with lime render, smoothing (not too carefully, the base isn't MDF ) the splats so that the limewash will take.
And there may not be edelweiss, but there are marsh marigolds and wood anemones dangling at the waters edge. But I do have a cowbell hanging from a hook in the kitchen that gets shaken to call the workers in for refreshment.


Clare said...

Hello, I saw your note on Scott's blog. I'm still blogging but haven't given the link to anyone yet (once bitten and all that...) but I am going to so if you send me your email address (clare at I'll let you know when I'm brave enough to let people have a read!

Winchester whisperer said...

What about Border Leicesters? I ran into them in a crossword puzzle.

Totty Teabag said...

Your Tyrolean Flicker Gun is known here as a Spanish Splatter Box, but your Mini Switzerland is more of a Mini Austria. Lederhosen, cuckoo clocks and the Tyrol are not Swiss according to my Mann. He will grant that edelweiss and Mopsas are :)

Mopsa said...

Thanks Clare - good luck with whatever new venture gets off the ground.

Were Border Leicesters a something new for you WW? Fab Roman noses; couldn't be more different to the Badger Face.

Totty - what's a bit of geographic generalisation and cliché between friends? I like the Spanish Splatter Box - wonder if there are any other country specific names for this arcane piece of kit?

KAZ said...

You'll miss them when they're gone.

lady thinker said...

Being a nosey person - i've tagged you - it would be interesting if you'd take it on.