Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Deadheading the farm

The dogs are desperate to be taken for a decent walk, so today as the unlambed ewes seemed intent on retaining their burdens for some while, I indulged us all and walked the hedgelines with Mopsa and Fenn to check on spring.
Notwithstanding my fears that all the chopping, laying, banking, coppicing, fencing and general mauling about would lay the place to waste, spring has made long bacon at me and burgeoned regardless.
It seems that a farm is not dissimilar to a rose; you hack it back with some care, and it will burst out with new growth, knowing better than I that it will survive and thrive on drastic treatment.


Winchester whisperer said...

And if you were making a pudding called April Fool from your farm, what would your ingredients be?

Mopsa said...

Hmmm...there isn't anything sweet growing at the moment, so it would be frozen berries. Have to say that I indulged in some autumn raspberry jam a week or so back - it was fantastic, so perhaps that's the answer? I absolutely adore blackberry fool - nothing but cream, sprinkling of sugar and cooked and sieved fruit.

paula said...

Walking the hedgerows seems to be the ticket at the mo. Things must be changing...Loved the link btw

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I love the rose analogy.

Mopsa said...

Paula - I couldn't find any other explanation of long bacon online...I could have taken a photo of someone doing it, (nose to thumb, little finger to thumb and wave), but that would have been unkind!

Thank you Welshcakes!