Monday, 28 April 2008

My best guess.. not for those of a sensitive disposition

I'd said on Friday that I wondered what I'd find the next day...
Well. Here it is. On the huge rotting engine beam that has been taken out of the round house as part of the barn restoration and put in the ram's paddock. The big patch on the right is about six inches high.
First thought: "the ram's been sick".
Second thought (polite version): "the ram has ejaculated".
Third thought: "It could be some sort of fungus?".
I don't think I'm congenitally suited to being an ecologist. Too dirty-minded. Well, it was Saturday morning.


Rob Clack said...

It doesn't look much like a fungus to me. When I was a kid in South Africa, we used to find preying mantis egg-sacs, which were a sort of buff coloured stiff foam, stuck to things. Much smaller than this, of course. I'd suggest taking a sample, including a bit of the wood, to your local museum.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, the title did warn me! I was hoping fungus, till I read the above comment!

Mopsa said...

Relax guys; it's the mycelium stage of dry rot!