Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ducks + water = happiness (and lots of sex)

The new duck pens have been in use for some weeks now, but I haven't been able to let them into the pond as it had to be fox-proof fenced.
About, ooh, 20 seconds after the last widget was clenched (you get the picture, lots of tools, ironmongery and stuff were used) the Aylesbury ducks were let out for a session of swimming and bonking, both of which were achieved in, ooh, 60 seconds.
The Black Indian Runners, who share the pen next door, will be allowed out tomorrow (can't have inter-duck sex or I'll get zebra ducks and unhappy customers). As it was, they came rushing to the fence and squawked to be let into the pond too.
I apologised and tried to explain that they'd get their chance soon enough.
Impatient things, ducks.
And if you peer behind the galvanised field gate you might just see a sleeping black pig.


locksparkfarm said...

Oooh, what excitement! Happy, sexy ducks. Well done Mr Mopsa!
And look I've just discovered the wordpress thing works (probably has for sometime I just gave up trying).

Flowerpot said...

What's known as a Quickie!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Fabulous pics and you have cheered me up!

Mopsa said...

So now you're LPF! Thew ducks are now cleaner, what with all that swimming, but more ragged (all that bonking).

Fpot - quick, but continuous...I've never known anything randier than a drake.

Welshcakes - if it made you smile, that's what I'd hoped!

tim relf said...

dirty little devils!