Monday, 6 April 2009

Welcome to the world

Two thirds of the way there now, and here's a shot of a few of the dams with lambs out on fresh grass.
Suddenly the flock has multiplied and keeping count of 30+ scampering lambs isn't easy. I have no idea how farmers with flocks that number into the hundreds manage this, or whether they just scour the field boundaries on their quadbikes to make sure nothing is hanging on the wire or caught in brambles.
I'm back to encouraging the final third to get on with it through bribery...if you have your lambs you get an extra feed of nuts and then it's onto fresh grass you go!


Scriptor Senex said...

I recall when I was a youngster learning the cumbrian sheep count - Yan, tan tether, mether, pip and so on (one of many versions). Is there a danger of you falling asleep in the field as you try counting them all when you're tired?

garfer said...

The collective IQ of that collection of sheep is approximately 1.

I much prefer pigs, which are clever as well as being tasty.

Mopsa said...

SS - no chance - the bleating is too loud!

Garfer - they are not as stupid as they 're painted - you just have to understand them..but undoubtedly pigs are the bright ones.