Thursday, 30 April 2009

The fear of the pig

How can someone who keeps pigs not be thinking about swine flu?
Like everyone, I'm confused. Do we have a pandemic of pigs, every known breed keeling over from some deadly virus? No. Is eating pork somehow dangerous this week when it wasn't last? No. Are people in Mexico dying from a ghastly influenza because their health care system isn't looking after them properly? Yes. Is there a risk to vulnerable people? It would seem so, yes. Is there a need to take this all very seriously indeed? With people dying, yes, of course. Is religion entering the fray? Yes; Israel wants to change the name to Mexican flu because Jews are not allowed to eat pork (although I'm Jewish and I raise pigs, but there you are, there's always one). And another country whose predominant population also abhors the swine is killing all its pigs even though there are no cases of swine flu yet reported there and there is no suggestion that it is present in the pigs raised by minority groups for their use, either (do you get the feeling that Salem has moved to Egypt?).
Why do we so easily rush to blame something other than human error; inadequate health systems and inadequate care of livestock (if that's behind this and at the moment it seems unlikely that any pig has been involved) are down to people failing each other and their animals.
I'm very concerned for the poor pig whose name has been taken in vain and is now global public enemy no.1, and of course for pig farmers. And no, it hasn't taken anyone's mind off the financial crisis, just in case any politicians are deluding themselves.


Winchester whisperer said...

People are dying, pigs are not: it must be the pigs' revenge!

Eurodog said...

I agree with WW. Animals are taking their revenge on the human race for treating them so badly.
I think it is all a storm in a teacup. One does not need to die of flu. Surely Mexican or swine flu is treated like any other flu.
The media infuriates me.

Totty Teabag said...

Here in Spain we have proper regard for our pigs; the Government has decreed that henceforth we shall stop insulting the porcine part of our community, and refer to "El Nuevo Gripe";"The New Flu". I just hope that like New Labour, it doesn't all go horribly wrong...

mountainear said...

I share your concern for the pig too - a wonderful animal. Let's not call its collective name in vain.

I feel the 'meeja' are going to talk us all into some sort of hysterical pandemic - and won't be satisfied until it happens.

We need a distraction. Could someone persuade a) - Prince William to get married b)Martians to land in Huddersfield or c)Lord Lucan to turn up on Shergar.

Scriptor Senex said...

Ah, but it has taken the press's mind of the financial crisis which is the same thing. No media interest therefore no economic crisis any more! Let's all take it out on the pigs.

I hope people have the sense to realise pigs are not to blame and that your industry doesn't suffer any more than it already is doing.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

meanwhile - mountainear called yesterday and I lugged her across three fields in the rain to see my gorgeous Torddu yearlings - she squeaked - 'read Mopsa' so i have - loved it all. We have one ewe still to go - I am convinced she is just going to burst!

Mopsa said...

WW - I think pigs are too benign to take revenge...I never did believe in Animal Farm.

Eurowoof - apparently huge numbers of people die of flu every year - if you're old or vulnerable - so yes, storm in teacup is about right.

Totty - El Nuevo Gripe sounds so much more newsworthy!

M'ear - the distraction of the Queen goes on the dole? Pigs move into Buck House? David Cameron and Gordon Brown both sink forever into a heap of pig shite?

SS - ta for the sympathy..but we won't be distracted from the real news of the moment, no matter how hard they try.

SBS - how lovely of you to visit and M'ear to recommend - I will pop over to you shortly. We still have one shearling to have her lamb - gaily stretching my early shift from hoped for 3 weeks into 6! I have Torwens and Torddu - we'll have to swap notes.