Friday, 1 May 2009

Five finger-piglets!

Hoorah, the poet who wrote the phrase I'm most likely to use at the drop of a picnic, has been named Poet Laureate. Congratulations to the marvellous Carol Ann Duffy.
And the phrase? "Five finger-piglets" of course, the best description I've ever heard of a hand greedily hunting through a box of chocs.
As it was printed in the Guardian a year or three ago, I don't think I'm breaking any rules by repeating it here.

by Carol Ann Duffy

Into the half-pound box of
my small hand crept,
There was an electrifying rustle.
There was a dark and glamorous scent.
Into my open, religious mouth
the first Marzipan Moment went.

Down in the crinkly second layer
five finger-piglets snuffled
among the Hazelnut Whirl,
the Caramel Swirl,
the Black Cherry and Almond Truffle.


I chomped, I gorged,
I stuffed my face,
till only the Coffee Cream
was left for the owner of the box -
tough luck, Ann Pope -
oh, and half an Orange Supreme.


Winchester whisperer said...

Love it!

Jude said...

Brilliant, I've got to look up some more of her work. Cait O'Connor shared a couple of poems too. wonderful.

Arthur Clewley said...

makes you wonder why it's been a bloke for 341 years with material like that around

Mopsa said...

WW - it's a gas!

Jude - not genius, but fun.

AC - well, I like to think of Wordsworth and his greatest line: "I measured it from side to side, was four feet long and two feet wide" (or summat like that). Gender is no guarantee of anything apart from genitals, and perhaps not even then.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...