Thursday, 14 May 2009

Revenge is sweet

You might be able to tell, but just in case not, this is a rat's head. Just the head. No body. No tail. No claws. Just the head. Result!
This may or may not be the bastard that ate all my ducklings (opinions have been expressed, and rat, mink and polecat have all been fingered for the crime); all I know is that there is most definitely one less rat on the farm, and that it suffered a wonderfully gruesome, hopefully extraordinarily painful, demise.
I skip, I dance, I rain blessings on the head of whatever cat, dog, fox, beast, had this toothy monster for breakfast.
Oh, and the day just gets better and better (yup, I know, pride comes before a fall). The Last Ewe finally lambed today, exactly one month after the rest, and one week beyond the possible due date (extended pregnancies notwithstanding). The day after tomorrow I will have the MOST HUMONGOUS LIE-IN!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Haven't those nasty rats heard of teeth whitening toothpaste?

garfer said...

That looks like Roland rat.

Less photos of thicko sheep please.

mountainear said...

Have just rid the world of 5 rats in 24 hours. Result!

Sadly the broody on her clutch of eggs that the rat tried to reach (leaving a gnawed and cartoony rat-hole in the door) has given up sitting so my triumph is diminished somewhat.

Sleep well.

tpals said...

Hooray! I felt sick when I read your empty nest post so this is excellent.

After a rat slaughtered all the chicks I bought for my parent's farm a few years ago, I lined the entire chick room with wire mesh. Even the ceiling. It worked.

Scriptor Senex said...

Cute lambs, dead rats - what more could one want from a posting?

Flowerpot said...

Enjoy your lie-in Mopsa - well deserved. My Moll ate an entire rat yesterday - she could hardl y move afterwards!

Mopsa said...

YP - obviously not.

Garfer - is he a friend of yours?

M'ear - caught a second one in a trap too - but 5 in a day! Poor broody... do you have an incubator?

Tpals - I felt sick too :(

SS - we aim to please.

F'pot - our cats and dogs won't eat them - kill, yes, but munch? No, they leave them for the humans to clear away.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nature can be very cruel. I hope you got the lie-in and enjoyed it!

Whispering Walls said...

You'll have to pin that head to a beam in your barn as a warning

Anonymous said...

The demise of the rat gathers momentum in the parish - one king rat less in polytunnel thanks to the peanut butter tip. Though some crafty bugger is still dragging off mouse trap (with mouse) to complete his plate of meat and two veg.
Well done that LAST EWE!

Mopsa said...

Welshcakes - I snored for England til 9am - luxury!

WW - I would if I could dare to touch it...which I can't.

Yeehaa, Lockspark! That sticky stuff works better than any other rodent attracting ingredient.