Thursday, 28 May 2009

From whinge to wonder

It's hunt the orchid time again. Sadly, I can't yet boast of fields full of the beauties, but with that wonderful example just an inch away on the map, I hope that each year my patches will slowly start to increase. This is just the beginning of their growing season, and I will keep going back to check on progress and to count them up. No cows or sheep will go on these fields until the seed has set.


James Higham said...

Which orchids do you like?

Mopsa said...

Those that are native to England, James - not too showy, and best in a field or a woodland rather than in polished crystal vases or glasshouses.

Flowerpot said...

what a lovely picture, Mopsa. I love orchids too - and I so agree about native ones.